"Love becomes perfect
only when it transcends itself
Becoming one with its object..Producing unity of being." Jami
Sai Baba--My Life is my Message
Ammachi--My sole mission is to love and serve one and all.
The Divine Mission of Guru Maraji, Prem Rawat
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar--The Art of Living Foundation
Mother Meera
Sri Karunamayi
Ken Wilber see also Integral Naked
Gangaji and Eli
Catherine Ingram
A.H. Almaas
John Sherman
Eckhart Tolle
The Light of Sivananda-Valentina
Science Of Spirituality Web Center
Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool - Home Page
Lama Surya Das
Guide to Spiritual Teachers
Stephen Knapps site on Vedic Culture
Guru Ratings
Sufi Mystica

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