"The One manifestes Itself in and through all creation...
but is not absorbed by Its creation."
Ernest Holmes
Seaside Church of Religous Science
A bright star, joy full with great music, and the truths that set you free!
Rev. Christian Sorenson, Encinitas, Ca.
Affiliated New Thought Network
Empowering you to lead a more productive, Peaceful and Joyful life
Pacific Church of Religous Science
Agape Church of Religous Science
Our purpose is to create an environment where we realize that we are special and unique emanations of God, the Love-Intelligence that governs the universe.
United Church of Religious Science
The Science of Mind is a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy, and revelations of religion applied to the needs and aspirations of humankind. A practical teaching, it helps thousands of people experience health, happiness, peace, and love.
Church of Clear Vision
Rev. Nancy Anderson...Encinitas Ca.
La Vida Institute
Rev.Marlene Oaks...Anaheim, Ca.
The Center for Creative Living
Dr. Marilyn Hall...San Diego, CA
The Mile Hi Church of Religious Science
Denver, Colorado: Dr. Roger Teel, Minister
The East San Gabriel Church of Religious Science
Covina, California: Rev. Kris - Minister
The Celebration of Life Church
Rev. Noel Frederick McInnis, Minister
New Thought Center of San Diego
To Live And Teach The Truth, That Love Points The Way,
And Spiritual Law Makes The Way Possible
Rev. Dr. Harry Morgan Moses

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